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a couple of years ago (literally) i started working on what seemed like a relatively simple project: I decided that Ideal Bread‘s next album should be a re-statment/contextualization/hashing of a bunch of Steve Lacy’s 1970’s records. These were re-released as a 3-CD box set in the 1990’s as “Scratching the Seventies.” I wrote out the music on these albums, then re-wrote it according to a set of personal rules, and now, 2 years later, it’s finally coming out on May 13 as a 2-CD album on Cuneiform Records. I’m calling it “Beating the Teens” and I’m incredibly proud and psyched about this record. Proud because I got to make it with Kirk KnuffkeTomas Fujiwara and Adam Hopkins and psyched because it’s the best sounding record i’ve yet made.

The following is an alternate take of one of the 30 tracks that didn’t make it on to the record. It’s called “Name.” Hope you like it. more to come soon (like more music on a new bandcamp site, a better tended website, updates to all these moldering pages, etc.) . . .

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