So this arrived today:

minty fresh

minty fresh

and, um, yes, i am very excited.

oy, it’s taken a while to make this thing.

To give you another sense of what the sounds contained therein are like, here’s a link to an alternate take of “Notre Vie” that didn’t make it onto the album. It’s a very good take. It just didn’t fit on the album as well as the take I chose:

Also, we (Ideal Bread) will be throwing a big old party at Douglass St. Music Collective on May 1st to celebrate the release of said discs. There will be music and beverages and good will. Check the calendar for details and contact me if you’d like to attend.

I’ll be busy this month playing in Anthony Braxton’s Tri-Centric Orchestra helping to premier his Trillium J opera as well as premiering a new group of my own invention Quadrant with Mat Maneri, Harris Eisenstadt and Devin Gray. It’s going to be a very fun, very busy month. More details can again be found on the calendar.

thanks for checking in.

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