Nate Wooley‘s been a busy man. Among other things, he just published the latest issue of Sound American. Issue no. 9 is all about monophony, the single line. He asked me to write something about Steve Lacy, so since I’ve had him on the brain for the past several years (evidence of that can be found here), I obliged. It took a bit of work and getting over the hump of procrastination, but it’s up now. You can check it and the other terrific articles out here.

I’ll repost the essay here on my website in a few months after the next issue of Sound American has come out.


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2 Responses to New Steve Lacy essay at Sound American 9

  1. Matt Krieg says:

    Hi Josh, I just read your Steve Lacy essay while listening to Ideal Bread playing Cliches. It really made me think about his music and the decisions he must have made to eventually pursue the more standard path. Perhaps one of your selfterviews could illuminate his possible thought processes around this? I find Steve Lacy an endlessly fascinating artist and it is greatly heartening to read a constructively critical angle like yours, written with its own artist’s fire and verve. Thank you. ps. when is Ideal Bread coming out to play in Australia? Cheers, Matt

    • Josh Sinton says:

      hi Matt,
      thanks for reading and listening.
      I’ll never know why Lacy made his musical choices. I can only listen to the totality of his work. If I had to guess, I’d say he was always making sure to pursue music that was “alive” (his word for art that mattered). And while I’ll always wish his own playing had continued down certain paths, the fact remained that he always chose adventurous partners for his explorations. One of the more remarkable things about his playing is that like Derek Bailey, he always played his own unique way regardless of the surroundings. And it always sounded ‘right.’
      Would love to come to Australia with the band. Got any suggestions for festivals I could contact?

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